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Social Media

It seems that the world, his wife and their children are now on social media. So that means you should too, right? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately open up a company Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, LinkedIn page and Instagram account.

We will help you assess where YOUR customers are and what channels they are using. We will then help build a social media strategy around the type of content that is of interest to your customers. We use a range of tools to assess when they are most likely to be online to read and share your content. We can source news and content that is relevant to your industry to help establish you as a leader in your field.


The field of Search Engine Optimisation has changed dramatically in recent years and deep social has kept right up with it. We have helped a number of clients achieve page one rankings for various relevant search terms.

To start with we will conduct an SEO audit to determine what changes can be made “under the hood” of your website.

We will also look at how content can be improved to target specific keywords and phrases that target clients will use when researching issues relating to your field of business.

However, as we have said SEO has moved on in recent years. So it’s not a case of creating content that is stuffed with keywords every other sentence. We create flowing prose that is engaging and easily digestible to living, breathing humans but also catches the attention of Google for all the right reasons.

We will assess link building opportunities from authoritative websites in your industry as well as looking at guest blogging opportunities to help you raise your profile.

Blog Writing

Writing a regular blog is a great way to not only establish yourself as a leader in your field but also helps target SEO keywords and phrases. It can also help to give customers real insight into your firm, whether that’s the expertise you have or the personalities behind the organisation.

And it doesn’t matter how small your organisation is, all you need is a laptop and a website.

But not every company has the time or resources to write a blog on a regular basis. We will help you put together a blog strategy and calendar that enables you to tackle the issues that really matter to your customers, on a regular basis. This creates added value for them but also goes a long way in establishing your reputation and building trust between you and your prospects, before they’ve even met you.

Digital and content marketing strategy

While deep social can provide social media management, SEO and blog writing services in isolation we can also develop an all encompassing digital and content marketing strategy. We will complete a full audit of your digital channels and assess what is working and what needs improving.

We will also take an in-depth look at your top competitors to see what startegies they are adopting to raise their digital profile. We will then assess what aspects can be adopted and built on for your organisation, whether that is the type of content they are creating or sharing, the websites that link to theirs or guest blogs they are writing for influential websites in your industry.

And as deep social has built up a strong network of contacts in the communications industry we will always know someone who can help produce videos, infographics, white paper templates to really push the boundaries of your content strategy, if that’s what you require.

Having worked with David for many years, I know that he is very passionate about social media. He has a deep knowledge of search engine optimisation and is committed to generating and measuring results. It was down to him that Love Letters Publishing reached the first page of Google for a number of relevant industry key words. I would heartily recommend David to anyone looking for advice or support on social media.

Sally Percy